PLT Data is available for download as a ZIP archive that contains PLT Data, all necessary files, a User's Manual with installation instructions, and examples to familiarize a user.  Downloads are available for each of Windows and OS X.  If firewall restrictions prevent successful downloading, contact us to arrange receipt via email.

TERMS: By downloading, I agree to the following:

  1. I will not reverse engineer the code for PLT Data
  2. I will not distribute PLT Data to others (each user should download their own copy).
  3. I will provide my legitimate email address.

email address:

New Installation
  • Download Time (broadband): < 1 minute
  • Space Requirements: 8 Mb of free space is required for installaton of PLT Data.
  • Operating System:
    • Windows: PLT Data has been tested extensively with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 and 8.
    • OS X: PLT Data has been tested extensively with all versions > 10.4.
  • R: PLT Data uses R (freeware available at as its engine. R version 4.0.0 (and higher) have been tested extensively.  As new versions of R become available, PLT Data will be updated as needed.