PLT Tools is a suite of tools that facilitates the conduct of NONMEM* analyses and does the following:

Run NONMEM from a graphical interface
Create high-quality graphics
File NONMEM outputs automatically
Perform statistics
Edit Control Streams without leaving PLT Tools
Model diagnostics using xpose
Summarize runs and prepare a report (RTF format)
Create an archive of a project
Select runs to be used by the "Prepare a Report" and Archive Manager tools




Project Controller

Workspace Options

Parameter Update

Graphics Editor


Brief Summary

By-Subject Graphics

Spaghetti Graphics

Covariate Graphics

Goodness of Fit


Run Listing Editor

Prepare a Report

Archive Manager
  * NONMEM is a registered trademark of the Regents of the University of California. Licenses for NONMEM can be obtained from Icon Development Solutions.  xpose copyright is held by Hooker, Karlsson, Jonsson