PLT Data is a graphical interface to create NONMEM* datasets from source files:

  • Source files can be from Excel (.xls, .xlsx, .csv), SAS (.xpt, .sas7bdat), or text format (tab-delimited or pipe-delimited)
  • Files are converted to csv format, summarized, and a portion displayed in a text file.
  • Link sample / Cp data (options -- only needed if these data are in separate files).
  • Merge dosing and DV (Cp) data into a format accessible to NONMEM.
  • Time: calculate 'time after dose'; time in hours or days; referenced to first sample or dose or preceding midnight
  • Add covariate data (demographics / vital signs / lab values to dataset.
  • Calculate additional covariates (BMI, BSA, LBM, Elderly (cutoffs of 65, 70, 80 years), GFR (5 equations available).
  • Graphics: by subject (by period, if in dataset), time-after-dose, composites, dose-normalized
  • * NONMEM is a registered trademark of the Regents of the University of California. NONMEM Licenses can be obtained from Icon Development Solutions